First Quartile

Marketing Communications

Our investment expertise and specialism does not stifle our creativity; it informs it. Our approach to creative and campaign communications is ideas-led and results-driven, never 'fluffy' or design for design's-sake. We believe good design is integral to the effectiveness of any communication material and, together with the copy content, should work seamlessly to ensure its relevance and appeal to the audience, be it retail, institutional, intermediary; printed or digital.

Many of our projects form part of integrated campaigns and so require a range of expertise and experience. Typically, this can include the development of creative concepts, design execution, copywriting, intelligent proof reading, production and project management.

Of particular interest during 2013 has been our expertise in creating core content that can then be applied across a multitude of communication channels (a top-down rather than bottom-up approach to campaign copywriting). Not only does this provide maximum value for money; it ensures consistency of key messages, and that the campaign integration goes deeper than its visual components.

Our team has specialist financial expertise as well as experience across a number of other sectors, adding a broader perspective and context to our work.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Campaign management
  • Communication evaluation and brief development
  • Creative concepts and design
  • Content development, copywriting and editing
  • Marketing material
  • Sales aids
  • Seminar / event presentations