First Quartile

Investment Reporting

Investment reports provide asset managers with the right to communicate with their clients on a regular basis. They can be essential for reinforcing key messages and building trust, helping to attract new clients when performance is strong, and to retain existing clients when it is weak.

First Quartile has thirteen years' experience in investment reporting. Whilst the reporting landscape has changed significantly in that time, the commercial requirement to maximise the effectiveness of these reports has not.

Our ability to combine compelling investment writing with the analysis of attribution data means that the reports we produce are informative, precise and tailored. With former investment professionals as part of our team, we are able to integrate directly with fund managers and product specialists. This ensures we reflect the passion and energy of the fund manager, while providing time and process efficiencies for our clients' investment marketing teams.

Our project managers have significant experience in managing the investment reporting process - a specialist expertise that requires an eye for detail and robust procedures to cope with multiple amends and source inputs.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic review and development of a reporting suite
  • Concepts and design development of individual reports and complete suites
  • Factsheet review and enhancement
  • Investment writing
  • Production of regular investment reports (i.e. annual, interim)
  • Bespoke client reports