First Quartile

Investment Writing

Our investment writers have the expertise to write strong, compelling copy. Many are former investment professionals (i.e. fund managers and analysts). With in-depth knowledge, gained first-hand managing equities, fixed income, property and alternative assets, they have the ability to extend the boundaries of investment writing to include the origination of highly complex thought-leadership articles.

Equally important, however, is the clear vision that comes with knowing markets intimately, giving us the confidence to be able to explain investment concepts in simple terms.

Our writers do not work in isolation. As part of our process, their work undergoes a peer review during which we check that we have correctly captured the appropriate tone and articulated the key messages, ensuring we produce copy that is relevant, precise and tailored to the audience. We also undertake an 'intelligent' proof, checking that copy and data are in alignment and that financial terms are correctly presented.

Flexibility is a key component of our investment writing offering. As well as undertaking regular and project-based work, we are often utilised as an overflow resource at times of stress, such as at quarter ends or when internal resources are stretched.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Capability brochures
  • Educational material
  • Fund, market and economic commentaries
  • Fund collateral
  • Investment glossaries
  • RFPs (macro and micro level)
  • Sales aids
  • Thought-leadership programmes (articles / white papers)
  • Website copy